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Cut Deployment Times By 90% With Gatsby Cloud

Dan Giordano
August 11th, 2021

In our latest update to Gatsby Cloud, we’ve made some enhancements to deployments that have been truly game changing for faster release times. 

While working on several critical parts of our infrastructure, we were able to cut down our deployment times nearly 90% across all Gatsby sites. We’ve seen deployment times hit as low as 4 seconds for websites with thousands of pages.

For most websites, the time to release code to the wild is a function of the build time ( the time it takes to compile and build the application or website) and deployment time ( the time it takes to get the built app on to the edge of the CDN). Traditionally, the longer time taken on a static-generated website has been on the Build side, since SSG, by nature, is more resource heavy at Build time and less at Run time. 

But, Gatsby Cloud has gotten to the point where Builds are no longer the time-suck of a bygone error. Gatsby Cloud Builds, with caching, incremental builds, and a few other goodies can build Gatsby sites it in just seconds. A CMS update from Contentful on our 10,000 page Gatsbyjs.com takes around 10 seconds on average. 

The other part of the release equation though, had not sped up dramatically. Deployment times for a medium size static site of around 10,000 pages still takes anywhere from 2-10 minutes! This entire time, developers have been focusing on the build time, but from an end-user perspective, deploys are just as important when trying to get the latest and greatest content.  

Our latest update has completely changed that paradigm, and deployment times of a medium size static site now takes on average 2-5…seconds. That’s right – Gatsby Cloud now deploys new content from a build in as little as a few seconds.

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