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Gatsby Days Video: The Gatsby Developer Experience Experience

Michelle Gienow
July 16th, 2020

After much thought and discussion, the Gatsby team has decided not to hold Virtual Gatsby Days in the way we originally planned. While we were very much looking forward to our first digital community gathering, we feel now is not the time to take attention and space away from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Transforming Gatsby Days from a live event into a content series keeps the focus on more important events while sharing the amazing speakers and learning opportunities in a way the community can access when the time is right for each of us. All of the product and program announcements planned for Gatsby Days have been rolled up into an initial blog post, and now we are following with a video series to present the speakers who had been scheduled to share their knowledge during the event. We hope you enjoy. 💜

We look forward to seeing you at our next Gatsby Days, planned for October, though it’s difficult to say right now exactly what form that will take. Follow Gatsby on Twitter to keep up with announcements around our fall Gatsby Days planning, calls for proposals, when registration starts, and other developments.

Trevor Blades is a Senior Software Engineer at Apollo GraphQL where he works on the developer experience team. The DX team creates content to help people get up and running with GraphQL — blog posts, documentation and tutorials, community events like GraphQL Summit Worldwide — and Trevor’s main job is creating websites so all this content has a place to live. These sites are all built with Gatsby, and Trevor says Gatsby’s amazing local development experience is a major reason. Trevor’s Gatsby Days Reconfigured presentation delves into Gatsby’s wide-ranging plugin ecosystem for a look at some of Trevor’s favorites.

Trevor walks through some Gatsby plugins that he finds particularly add value to the local development experience, like gatsby-plugin-ngrok-tunneling which exposes a publicly accessible URL for your local development environment. This plugin allows you to generate a link that remote collaborators can copy-paste to see what’s going on in your local dev environment and even click in around for themselves — really useful when you’re trying to debug a group project locally while everyone’s working from home. He ends with a quick look at finding your Developer Happy Place with the new gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental plugin. (Update: Since Trevor recorded his presentation, the Gatsby WordPress source plugin has now been officially released in beta. Trevor’s overview is still a great introduction, though!)

See the slides (with code samples) at experience.trevorblades.com, join him for live coding every Wednesday on Twitch TV or find Trevor on Twitter @trevorblades to chat about your favorite Gatsby plugins!

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Writes things @ GatsbyJS. Chaotic good frontend dev, caffeine addict, backyard chicken wrangler 🐓.

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