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Slash Build Times with Gatsby Builds Best Practices

Greg Thomas
April 5th, 2020

Welcome to the Gatsby Days 2020 Video Blog: Los Angeles Edition. In this series of eleven videos, you can catch up with all the wit and wisdom shared at the presentations from our February community gathering in LA. If you weren’t able to make it in person, these videos are the next best thing to owning a time machine! (Though owning a time machine would be super cool for sure, joining us at our next Gatsby Days—currently scheduled as a virtual event June 2nd-3rd—would be pretty awesome, too 💜. Follow Gatsby on Twitter to keep up with when registration starts, speaker announcements and other developments).

Grant Glidewell is a React developer dedicated to employing modern technologies in cutting-edge projects. During his time at the digital experience agency Third and Grove, Grant was part of the team that integrated Drupal and Gatsby to create the agency’s fast, yet content-rich website. He also helped build Gatsby Preview + Drupal—a live preview module for Drupal that can be used with Gatsby Cloud.

At Gatsby Days LA 2020, Grant focused on performance. After analyzing top Gatsby-based sites, he and his team identified best practices that can help developers achieve blazing fast speeds. Check out this video of Grant’s presentation to discover how Gatsby Builds helped Third and Grove reduce build times for its image-heavy site from about 40 minutes to only 8. And learn how Gatsby’s lazy load components can deliver impressive performance benefits without excessive coding.

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Writer, musician, historian, and dedicated service provider for the dog.

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