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Gatsby Days LA 2020: Kyle Mathews Shares His Vision for Gatsby’s Future

Greg Thomas
April 1st, 2020

Welcome to the Gatsby Days 2020 Video Blog: Los Angeles Edition. In this series of eleven videos, you can catch up with all the wit and wisdom shared at the presentations from our February community gathering in LA. If you weren’t able to make it in person, these videos are the next best thing to owning a time machine! (Though owning a time machine would be super cool for sure, joining us at our next Gatsby Days—currently scheduled as a virtual event June 2nd-3rd—would be pretty awesome, too 💜. Follow Gatsby on Twitter to keep up with when registration starts, speaker announcements and other developments).

As the co-founder and CEO of Gatsby, Kyle Mathews kicked off Gatsby Days LA 2020 with a keynote address that spanned Gatsby’s past, present, and future. Learn what sparked Kyle and co-founder Sam Bhagwat to develop a framework that could combine the best of static-site generation, content management system (CMS), and React technologies. Next, hear how Gatsby today is helping produce amazing developer experiences for building ridiculously fast websites.

Kyle also shared his vision for the future of Gatsby, highlighting some of the “missing pieces” that are current focus areas for the company. For example, to help speed development, Gatsby is looking to significantly expand the collection of Gatsby themes, which provide building blocks for quickly adding functionality to websites. With help from a fast-growing community, Gatsby anticipates increasing contributions of themes, plugins, docs, and more.

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