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Gatsby + JS Party = πŸ’œ

Dustin Schau
March 9th, 2020

Recently I had the pleasure of joining the JSParty podcast to discuss all things Gatsby. Starting with the classic question of “What is Gatsby?”, progressing to the value of rehydration, future deliverables of the open-source product, Gatsby Cloud, and everything in between! Quite simply, all things Gatsby with the JS Party crew!

Check out the below podcast for more detail on why Gatsby, why Gatsby Cloud, and our future plans for Gatsby, the product.

πŸ”‰ JS Party Podcast πŸ”‰

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Dustin is the co-founder and VP of Engineering at Gatsby, helping the team build out the fastest website framework and Cloud platform around. When he’s not focused on that, he likes to read mystery novels, relax with a glass of wine, and explore San Francisco with his wife.

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