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Gatsby Hacktoberfest 2019! πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

Marcy Sutton
October 8th, 2019
Halloween with Snoopy


During Hacktoberfest, you're probably looking to contribute to an open source project. Gatsby is a great project to contribute to because you can learn about Gatsby while tackling issues that help the community. We'll keep adding new issues throughout the month, so continue checking the GitHub repo for additional ways to contribute!

Back up. What's Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is "a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean and DEV".

First time contributing to Gatsby?

You may find these links helpful!

PS: When your first PR is merged, you can claim some free swag from the Gatsby Store! πŸ˜„

Issue areas

We are organizing issues into four different areas:


We love our docs! Improving docs is a never-ending effort, and we have some stub articles (docs we want to exist, but haven't been written yet). If you're interested in contributing to the docs and doing some writing, check out docs issues labelled with Hacktoberfest.

Docs localization

Want to do help us translate the Gatsby docs? Consider contributing to an existing repo (we have Spanish and Russian so far!), or start a new language translation by opening an issue to create a new repo and earn Hacktoberfest credit by contributing PRs to that repo.


Make OSS contributions to Gatsby plugins, transformers and core by searching OSS Hacktoberfest issues.


Learn how to contribute to the Gatsby Ecosystem (starter library, site showcase, themes and plugin library, etc.) by reading the doc on Community Contributions. You can gain credit for both Hacktoberfest and Gatsby swag by submitting a PR with your Gatsby project to the starter library or site showcase in this repo. You can also check out issues labeled with ecosystem to get Hacktoberfest credit!

Gatsby plugins and themes (a type of plugin) published with the necessary files can also count toward Hacktoberfest credit and earn Gatsby swag. This post will list all plugins created during Hacktoberfest: create your own and add it here in a Pull Request to get credit!

Plugins Created During Hacktoberfest

Gatsby's Hacktoberfest Goals

  1. To provide a range of issues with a clearly defined scope, with minimal context needed outside of the issue description.
  2. To make contributing to Gatsby as welcoming, friendly, and accessible as we can — especially to first-time contributors.
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Lead DevRel/Community Software Engineer at Gatsby, cyclist, animal lover, pie baker.

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