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Meet the Gatsby Team at DrupalCon Seattle, JAMstack Conf NYC, and JSHeroes

Preston So
April 8th, 2019

It’s a packed week for the Gatsby team this week, with triple duty at conferences on both sides of the United States and in Europe! This year, members of the Gatsby team will be in attendance at DrupalCon Seattle, JAMstack Conf NYC, and JSHeroes, ready to answer your questions in workshops and sessions throughout the week, as well as in the exhibit hall at DrupalCon.

DrupalCon Seattle, the annual conference for Drupal developers, agencies, businesses, and users in North America, is getting underway today in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Best of all, we’ll have plenty of shirts and swag to show your Gatsby spirit. Meanwhile, at JAMstack Conf NYC, the JAMstack conference sponsored by Netlify in the Big Apple, and JSHeroes, in Cluj-Napoca later this week, we’re excited to present and to answer your Gatsby questions.

Here are just a few of the things members of the Gatsby team will be getting up to this week in Seattle, New York City, and Cluj-Napoca.

Amberley Romo at JAMstack Conf NYC

If you aren’t able to catch Gatsby at DrupalCon Seattle this year, and if you happen to be traveling along the East Coast, be sure to catch Amberley Romo, Software Engineer at Gatsby, at JAMstack Conf NYC, where she’ll be presenting a session entitled “What’s Your JAM(stack)?” at 3:30pm on Tuesday, April 9th.

"Shifting from a monolithic CMS approach to a JAMstack setup comes with an abundance of choice. On the other hand, all that choice can come with indecision paralysis. Where’s a dev to start?" asks Amberley in her abstract. "Thankfully, there’s a thriving ecosystem of frameworks offering varying flexibility and structure, different approaches to performance and delivery, etc. We’ll talk about some ways to evaluate available tools, using Gatsby as an example."

Gatsby at DrupalCon Seattle

All week at DrupalCon Seattle, team members will be on hand and available to answer all of your questions about how Gatsby works, why it’s a great choice for your organization, and how Drupal and Gatsby fit together like peas in a pod. Come find us at Booth #319 in the exhibit hall and pick up your T-shirt and Gatsby sticker!

Four of our team will be behind the table at various times during DrupalCon, including Marisa Morby, Product Manager; Dustin Schau, Software Engineer; Marcy Sutton, Head of Learning; and Preston So, Principal Product Manager.

“JavaScript and Civil Rights” by Marcy Sutton

On Thursday, during the DrupalCon closing plenary, Marcy Sutton, our Head of Learning, will deliver one of the keynotes to close out DrupalCon with a discussion of how to design and build software that fosters inclusion. “JavaScript and Civil Rights” will take place in Hall 4E from 4:15-5:30pm on Thursday.

“As designers and developers of software, we act as gatekeepers in people’s lives more than we realize,” states the keynote abstract. “Now more than ever, it is our duty to create digital experiences that honor our users’ rights to inclusion–no matter where they live, or how they access the Web. This applies to both authors and contributors, as well as end users and consumers; we must do more to protect everyone’s rights to access, safety, security, and privacy.”

Meet Gatsby CEO Kyle Mathews at Decoupled Summit

Tomorrow (April 9th), our CEO Kyle Mathews will be joined by yours truly on stage at DrupalCon’s Decoupled Summit to talk about how Gatsby helps teams and organizations around the world build blazing fast web applications, all while having fun in the process. Catch our presentation during the Decoupled Summit on Tuesday from 11:15am–12pm.

Gatsby also has first-class support for Drupal! As the session abstract states: “We’ll then dive into Gatsby's Drupal integration, show how the two make a beautiful match, and investigate some of the synergies between Gatsby and Drupal and motivations for adopting Gatsby no matter where you are in your decoupled architecture.”

“Secrets of the Decoupled Drupal Practitioner” by Preston So

On Thursday, April 11th, I’ll be presenting a session in Room 6B, bright and early at 9:00am, entitled “Secrets of the Decoupled Drupal Practitioner”. A journey through some of the underexplored areas of the decoupled Drupal ecosystem, this session dives into Drupal modules and other features that can accelerate any headless Drupal implementation you’re working on.

“The fact is that there is a plethora of unique and underused features and modules in the Drupal universe that can help transform the way you retrieve and manipulate information, improve performance in production, or even add unexpected features to your consumer,” states the abstract. “Some of these tools of the trade are well-kept secrets in some circles and commonplace in others.”

Jason Lengstorf at JSHeroes

Late in the week at JSHeroes in Cluj-Napoca, Jason Lengstorf, Developer Advocate, will be joining forces with Sara Vieira to present a full-day workshop, "Advanced Performance Tuning for React Applications", on Wednesday, April 10th. Covered topics include evaluating an existing React application, diagnosing performance issues, prioritizing fixes, and implementing performance fixes.

"By the end of the workshop," write Jason and Sara, "you’ll be able to diagnose performance problems and solve them with a combination of modern and time-tested performance techniques. You’ll also learn how to weigh the trade-offs of implementing fixes to ensure that both your apps and your teams perform well. The tools added to your toolbox will continue to serve you, your team, and your users for years to come."

Then, on Thursday, April 11th, see Jason on stage at JSHeroes with his session, "You Belong Here: How to Make Open Source More Open", being held from 2:00-2:30pm.

See you in Seattle, New York, or Cluj-Napoca!

Whether we meet you in Seattle, New York, or Cluj-Napoca, we hope to get a chance to chat about how Gatsby can make building websites and web applications fun!

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