GatsbyConf Q&A: “Getting Started with Gatsby” Workshop Instructors Obinna Ekwuno & Megan Sullivan

By Michelle Gienow on February 26th, 2021

Want to try building your first Gatsby site? Gatsby Software Engineer Obinna Ekwuno and Senior Software Engineer, Documentation, Megan Sullivan are leading Getting Started with Gatsby, sponsored by Contentstack.  The free half-day workshop covers core concepts behind using Gatsby, like querying data with GraphQL and working with a headless CMS. You’ll learn how to optimize for accessibility, routing and creating pages programmatically...And how to leverage the vast Gatsby ecosystem of starters, plugins, and themes to quickly create a fast, secure, scalable website -- and deploy your site to live hosting for free, in minutes!

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GatsbyConf Q&A: Francois Brill

By Michelle Gienow on February 22nd, 2021

GatsbyConf is just a week a way! Francois is presenting a talk, “Using The Power Of Gatsby To Create A Network Of Blazing Fast Websites,” to demonstrate building out complex systems at scale — with a single Gatsby code base powering multiple websites. We caught up with him for a wide-ranging chat around his thoughts on the future of Jamstack and ways to keep ourselves thinking differently about building websites.

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Voices of Gatsby: How I Survived the First Week of My First Tech Job

By Linda Ikechukwu on February 19th, 2021

On the first day of my first tech job, I was terrified. I tried hard to learn everything at once and do it all perfectly, but by the end of my first week I was certain I was going to be fired anyway. That didn't happen, though, and things got steadily better and less terrifying. Looking back, I can see there were things that helped me get through the early days. Here are the tips that helped me survive -- and how you can too if you’ve just landed your first tech job!

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