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Voices of Gatsby: Connecting Community, Code and Career to Create a New Life in Tech

By Will Johnson on September 23rd, 2020

Is it possible to build a whole new career in tech when you are over 30, with no college degree, and a job history that's mainly manual labor and call center work? Will Johnson tells how he made it happen, with a little help from his family, his community -- and Twitter.

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Creating a Content Marketer’s Paradise

By Sam Bhagwat on September 8th, 2020

The ability to tell a compelling story while building a strong business narrative is possible if your company’s website is easy to operate. And that can only happen when your content marketers are empowered to create and modify the site's landing pages quickly and comfortably. Let’s look at two companies that have achieved this using a high-quality combination of Gatsby and Contentful - and the impressive user growth and other results they enjoyed.

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