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Behind the Scenes: What makes Gatsby Great

What makes Gatsby great? Watch this 60 minute webinar to learn more.

Gatsby is fast. You know this—it’s probably what drew you to Gatsby in the first place! But what you may not know is the numerous performance techniques that make Gatsby so fast and how we leverage these techniques to create a blazing fast experience for your users, by default. In this webinar recording, you’ll learn about a number of modern performance techniques including route-based code splitting, image optimization, prefetching of routes with intersection observers, and more! Each of these techniques coupled together delivers the blazing fast experience you know and expect in a Gatsby application. Tim Brown and Johnny Lin with Harry’s also join us to talk about launching a new product website that’s 5X as fast as the competition.

Dustin Schau, Software Engineer, Gatsby
Tim Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Harry’s
Johnny Lin, Engineering Manager, Harry’s

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Gatsby’s usage of SSR (Server Side Rendering) and why it matters
  • Route-based code splitting and how it works
  • Gatsby’s use of modern APIs and how they enable the blazing-fast apps your users expect
  • How a Harry’s company launched a new website that’s 5X as fast as the competition
  • Pragmatic techniques for asserting that your app is actually fast

Watch the Webinar

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