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Louie Learns Blog
Louie Learns Blog
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About Louie Christie

Just another one of those boutique agencies run by a creative, beardy, hipster type, in a trendy part of town. Charges a fortune for a mad idea, your boss says it’s a waste of money. Then sales and engagement go through the roof and you take all the credit. Run by adventurous, tech geek, underground comedian Louie Christie.

We specialize in

Specialising in quirky, funny, one-off websites, apps, and delightful experiences. Suited for the likes of beer brands, events, and old companies that want to look cool. Probably won’t make your Rupert Murdoch news corp site, or boring company blog (unless you have a wicked sense of humour.)

Technical expertise

  • UI/UX design
  • Content
  • Design

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