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Lia Australia
Haran Singham
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About ITsolx

Let’s Use Technology to Make the life easier! We are a digital transformation consulting and software development firm that offers cutting-edge engineering solutions to both local and foreign firms, assisting them in untangling difficult issues that inevitably arise along their digital transformation journey. Since 2018, we’ve been a visionary and trustworthy software engineering partner for world-class brands.

We specialize in

Function & Development Our agile development team builds software that benefits customers as well as businesses. We also help with device, software, and data management throughout the company to ensure that al procedures run properly.

Design & Programming Design and programming are strongly intertwined. The design aspect ensures that the software is usable for users, whereas the programming part is the software’s actual nuts and bolts. We work to code software and guarantee that it fulfills its intended function.

Technical expertise

  • Design
  • Content
  • UI/UX design

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