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We’re on a mission to make building websites fun

Our Story

GatsbyJS was born in May 2015 as a simple way to build a website with React. Over the last three years, tens of thousands of developers have used Gatsby to build websites from blogs and portfolio pages to company homepages and e-commerce applications.

In early 2018, GatsbyJS core contributors, including creator & lead maintainer Kyle Mathews, formed Gatsby Inc to help website development teams build CMS-powered websites with modern tooling.

Meet the Gatsby-ites

Kyle Mathews

CEO & Co-founder

Likes tech, reading/writing, founding things. Blogs at bricolage.io.

Sam Bhagwat

CSO & Co-founder

SF Bay Area adoptee. Builder. Plays chess, makes funny faces at small children. Blogs at Moore’s Hand.

Florian Kissling

Senior Product Designer

Designer/Hacker hybrid — mostly front end, sometimes print. Typography aficionado. Occasional illustrator, hobbyist photographer. Online since 14.4k. I fuss a lot.

Michal Piechowiak

Staff Software Engineer

Likes solving weird problems, skiing and watching/reading sci-fi. In that order.

Dustin Schau

VP of Product

(Always) JavaScript Developer. (Sometimes) Speaker. (Sometimes) Traveler. I don’t totally suck 👋

Abhi Aiyer

Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Software Engineer. Love creating tools that enable engineers to be productive. Love to make moves.

Ward Peeters

Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Core Team Lead, Web Performance and Build Tool Specialist. Makes dreams come true. Worked on Lighthouse and maintains Preact and more.

Greg Lobinski

Senior Software Engineer

Developer. Formerly designer and art director. UX design enthusiast.

Jarmo Isotalo

Staff Software Engineer

Loves dogs, not cats. Didn’t write this bio.

Brent Jackson

Engineering Manager

Web developer and designer. Cat whisperer. Avid walker.

Sid Chatterjee

Staff Software Engineer

Web Developer. JavaScript and Web performance enthusiast. Scuba diver. Bad at writing bios. Great at rickrolling Michal.

Maddie Wolf

VP of Operations

Typically found talking about, playing with, or cuddling my dog. Interested in meeting your dog. 12/10 would pet.

Luke Bivens

Account Executive

Longtime suffering Detroit Pistons fan. All about the balance between fitness and craft beer.

Tyler Barnes

Staff Software Engineer, WordPress

Codes funny, writes songs, and loves building tools to make the complex simple.

Lennart Jörgens

Senior Software Engineer

Developer and designer. Loves watching films and tv series — especially Harry Potter. Dog person.

Vladimir Razuvaev

Staff Software Engineer

GraphQL enthusiast. JavaScript developer maintaining graphql-php (weird huh). Loves walking, traveling, and simplicity.

Caitlin Byrnes

Recruiting Manager

I’m big on fiction, my bike, and pancakes, in that order. My dream job when I was 7 was to make sandwiches at Subway, but I’m very happy to be at Gatsby now!

Pragyan Tripathi

Senior Software Engineer

I try to learn all things related to systems, devops, and software development. I have learned that I don’t know anything, I have also learned that people will pay for what I know. So life is good.

Obinna Ekwuno

Software Engineer

Poet in my other life, Until I fell in love with JavaScript. Now I write code. Public Speaker, Technical writer, Full-Time Nerd. Passionate about the African Tech Ecosystem.

Rachel Bahl

Operations Guru

M&Ms are the best candy. All variations. I love family, board games, escape rooms, rubiks cubes, blankets, and tacos.

Ben Robertson

Engineering Manager, Customer Success

Developer. Dad. Aspiring banjo player.

Shane Thomas

Engineering Manager

Engineer/Manager that enjoys speaking at conferences, playing guitar, writing, and building things that didn’t exist before!

Laci Texter

Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Runner of rivers and city blocks, car-a-oke queen, and very fond of snail-mail. Enjoys the art/science/sport of communication.

Julien Poissonnier

Staff Software Engineer

Cat person, problem solver, reader, coffee drinker.

Joel Smith

Senior Product Manager

Full-stack developer turned product manager. Loves books, coffee, and the endless possibilities of the internet. Very dadly.

Greg Hardy

Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success

I break things down and build things up. Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer. Love teaching, learning, and all things Detroit.

Jack Sellwood

Senior Product Manager

A curious technologist stumbling into design and minimalism. Vegetables might be my best friends. Mason jar enthusiast.

Aron Schuhmann

Director of Growth

Surfing, burritos, and dogs. In that order, preferably. I also enjoy growing businesses and my own food in the garden.

Megan Sullivan

Senior Software Engineer, Documentation

Passionate about teaching people how to use tech to change the world. Likes dogs, singing, video games, and gardening.

Kirsten Lambertsen

Senior Product Manager

Always trying to do too many things at once. I love: stories, startups, stripes, nerds, punk rock, art, learning. I think you’re awesome, really!

Christine Egger

Sr. Director of People

music & food enthusiast, lighthouse & lobster lover. forever a student of life.

Patrick Sullivan

Senior Product Manager

Traditional Irish musican, trail runner, and daily kettlebell user. I love exploring technology, uncovering unmet user needs, and ultimately delivering experiences that our users love.

Grayson Hicks

Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success

Lover of Javascript in all its flavors. GraphQL rooter. Father of five. Bluegrass fan. Geaux Tigers.

Brad Ledford

VP of Engineering

Family man with a passion for technology, startups, and building highly useful software. Can be found at breweries, museums, car shows, hackathons (shamelessly recruiting usually, lol), and reading quietly under a tree.

Generosa Litton

Sr. Solutions Engineer, Customer Success

Web dev dabbler, Swiftie, and upright/electric bass player. Enjoys cycling the hills of San Francisco and cheering on the Golden State Warriors. Into ocean conservation and changing minds about pitbulls.

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