About Us

We’re on a mission to make building websites fun

Our Story

GatsbyJS was born in May 2015 as a simple way to build a website with React. Over the last three years, tens of thousands of developers have used Gatsby to build websites from blogs and portfolio pages to company homepages and e-commerce applications.

In early 2018, GatsbyJS core contributors, including creator & lead maintainer Kyle Mathews, formed Gatsby Inc to help website development teams build CMS-powered websites with modern tooling.

Meet the Gatsby-ites

Kyle Mathews

CEO & Head of Product

Likes tech, reading/writing, founding things. Blogs at bricolage.io.

Sam Bhagwat

Co-founder & COO

SF Bay Area adoptee. Builder. Plays chess, makes funny faces at small children. Blogs at Moore’s Hand.

Shannon Soper

UX Specialist & Head of Learning

UX researcher and educational psychology fan. Teaches piano and keeps up with her dog’s Instagram fans @dgtrwatson.

Florian Kissling

Front-End Developer & Designer

Designer/Hacker hybrid — mostly front end, sometimes print. Typography aficionado. Occasional illustrator, hobbyist photographer. Online since 14.4k. I fuss a lot.

Jason Lengstorf

Developer, Writer, Teacher

Developer. Occasional designer. Process and culture architect. Mediocre bartender. Blogs at lengstorf.com.

Mike Allanson

Software Developer

Human web worker interested in bicycles, JavaScript, bicycles, open source and bicycles. Always right or wrong.

Michal Piechowiak

Software Developer

Likes solving weird problems, skiing and watching/reading sci-fi. In that order.

Linda Watkins

Director of Marketing

Loves all things techy. Fan of Netflix documentaries. Instagrammer (@lindawatkins) and flutist.

Andrew Rhyne

Cloud Services Engineer

Cloud Engineering at @gatsbyjs

Jim Ettig

VP of Sales

Loves learning how our customers benefit from our service. Wine Snob. Dog Owner. Music lover.

Tony Kovanen

Software Engineer

Developer, mostly systems, infra/ops, backend. I also travel and ride motorcycles. Expat currently based in Thailand.

Marisa Morby

Product Manager

Product manager solving problems with research and process. Aspiring gardener and baker of delicious treats.

Dustin Schau

Software Engineer

(Always) JavaScript Developer. (Sometimes) Speaker. (Sometimes) Traveler. I don’t totally suck 👋

Amberley Romo

Software Engineer

Developer. Writer. Inclusive design evangelist. Breakfast taco snob. Cares a lot. Texas forever.

John Otander

Software Engineer

Mike Johnston

Account Executive

Work with us

We work with teams of all sizes to set up Gatsby to fit their specific needs. Let us know what you’re building and we’ll see how we can help.

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