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We’re on a mission to make building websites fun

Our Story

GatsbyJS was born in May 2015 as a simple way to build a website with React. Over the last three years, tens of thousands of developers have used Gatsby to build websites from blogs and portfolio pages to company homepages and e-commerce applications.

In early 2018, GatsbyJS core contributors, including creator & lead maintainer Kyle Mathews, formed Gatsby Inc to help website development teams build CMS-powered websites with modern tooling.

Meet the Gatsby-ites

Kyle Mathews

CEO & Head of Product


Likes tech, reading/writing, founding things. Blogs at bricolage.io.

Sam Bhagwat

Co-founder & COO

SF Bay Area adoptee. Builder. Plays chess, makes funny faces at small children. Blogs at Moore’s Hand.

Shannon Soper

UX Designer

UX designer and educational psychology fan. Teaches piano and keeps up with her dog’s Instagram fans @dgtrwatson.

Florian Kissling

Front-End Developer & Designer

Designer/Hacker hybrid — mostly front end, sometimes print. Typography aficionado. Occasional illustrator, hobbyist photographer. Online since 14.4k. I fuss a lot.

Mike Allanson

Software Developer

Human web worker interested in bicycles, JavaScript, bicycles, open source and bicycles. Always right or wrong.

Michal Piechowiak

Software Developer

Likes solving weird problems, skiing and watching/reading sci-fi. In that order.

Linda Watkins

Director of Marketing

Loves all things techy. Fan of Netflix documentaries. Instagrammer (@lindawatkins) and flutist.

Jim Ettig

VP of Sales

Loves learning how our customers benefit from our service. Wine Snob. Dog Owner. Music lover.

Tony Kovanen

Software Engineer

Developer, mostly systems, infra/ops, backend. I also travel and ride motorcycles. Expat currently based in Thailand.

Dustin Schau

Software Engineer

(Always) JavaScript Developer. (Sometimes) Speaker. (Sometimes) Traveler. I don’t totally suck 👋

Amberley Romo

Software Engineer

Developer. Writer. Inclusive design evangelist. Breakfast taco snob. Cares a lot. Texas forever.

John Otander

Software Engineer

Abhi Aiyer

Cloud Services Lead Engineer

Software Engineer. Love creating tools that enable engineers to be productive. Love to make moves.

Nicholas Capo

Software Engineer

Backend systems engineer, operations, monitoring, testing. I love elegant code and Tacos (maybe not in that order).

Mikhail Novikov

Software Engineer

Did GraphQL before it was released and cool, thus now a respected GraphQL sommelier. Has two cats. Conf org (React Finland, GraphQL Finland). Paints small plastic miniatures with a freakishly small brush.

Marcy Sutton

Head of Learning

Web developer and accessibility advocate. Public speaker. Cyclist. Mountain explorer. 4x4 enthusiast. Pie lady.

Jarmo Isotalo

Data Scientist

Loves dogs, not cats. Didn’t write this bio.

Brent Jackson

Software Engineer

Web developer and designer. Cat whisperer. Avid walker.

Ward Peeters

Software Engineer

Web developer and web performance engineer. Core member of Lighthouse and trying to maintain Preact.

Sidhartha Chatterjee

Software Engineer

Web Developer. JavaScript and Web performance enthusiast. Scuba diver. Bad at writing bios.

Greg Lobinski

Front-End Developer

Developer. Formerly designer and art director. UX design enthusiast.

Rizchel Dayao

Software Engineer

Software engineer and occasional speaker. I love my two adorable dogs, traveling and all things Harry Potter.

Preston So

Principal Product Manager

Product strategist. Developer advocate. Book author. Off-the-beaten-path traveler. Language nerd. Transit lover. Fantasy mapmaker.

Kyle Gill

Software Engineer Intern

Fan of learning cool things, building cool things, and listening to cool music.

Maddie Wolf

Director of Operations

Typically found talking about, playing with, or cuddling my dog. Interested in meeting your dog. 12/10 would pet.

Jason Bahl

Software Engineer

Creator and maintainer of WPGraphQL (GraphQL for WordPress). Occasional conference speaker.

Luke Bivens

Account Executive

Longtime suffering Detroit Pistons fan. All about the balance between fitness and craft beer.

David Bailey

Software Engineer

I build things for the web! ✧ Also interested in music, photography and language learning

Caitlin Cashin

Marketing Manager

Voracious learner. Collector of hobbies. Casual Jim Henson expert. Very opinionated about opera.

Hashim Warren

Marketing Technology Manager

Lover of copy and code. Patron of the performing arts. New Yorker in North Carolina.

Aleksei Ustiuzhanin

Senior Software Engineer

Loves all things React and British, learns Polish and Irish, can bore you to death with The Elders Scrolls lore. Also travelled between Europe and Asia 1000 times.

Jeff Hoffman

Vice President of Engineering

Curator of irreverent technical development teams. Enthusiastically curious about everything. Minnesotan currently living in Seattle. Dog lover. Tabletop game aficionado.

Tyler Barnes

Software Engineer

Codes funny, writes songs, and loves building tools to make the complex simple.

Madalyn Parker

Staff Software Engineer, Accessibility

Frontender, mental health advocate, concert-goer, loves fibre arts and video games. Working to make the web more accessible.

Lennart Jörgens

Software Engineer

Developer and designer. Loves watching films and tv series — especially Harry Potter. Dog person.

Vladimir Razuvaev

Software Developer

GraphQL enthusiast. JavaScript developer maintaining graphql-php (weird huh). Loves walking, traveling, and simplicity.

Nicholas Duffy

Staff Software Engineer

Software developer, serial learner, and, unfortunately, N.Y. Mets fan.

Josh Comeau

Staff Software Engineer

Software building person. Creative coder. Canadian. Beat Saberista. Loves watching videos of unlikely animal friendships. Gay 🌈

Marvin Frachet’

Software Engineer

React aficionado. Typescript adopter. Pizza advocate. Adept of fast iterations and… testing — Frenchie 🇫🇷

Caitlin Byrnes


I’m big on fiction, my bike, and pancakes, in that order.

Laurie Barth

Staff Software Engineer

Developer, Public Speaker, Technical Blogger and lover of board games.

Blaine Kasten

Staff Software Engineer, Core

Dad, Musician, OSS. Everyone is so dang clever with these things.

Brittney Ball

Software Engineer

Techie. Blogger. Speaker. Mother. Animal Lover. Social Butterfly. Serial Networker. Diversity & Inclusion Advocate. Horror Movie Fan. Pasta Lover.

Peter van der Zee

Staff Software Engineer, Core

JS dev. Dad of two. Loves board and computer games. Used to organize @js1k. Writes parsers and tooling for fun.

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