Launch Prep

Launch Prep is our workshop format for teams getting ready to launch an important or high-profile Gatsby website

This training combines discussion of team/org goals & objectives, a technical deep-dive into your Gatsby project and live training / Q&A into Gatsby best practices, along with follow-up to track & reinforce team growth.

Training Stages


We correspond by email about your experience with Gatsby so far. Questions include your typical project requirements, budget, team staffing, workflow, developer & design tooling, etc.

You give us access to the relevant code repositories & design documentation.


We review design docs, code & finished and in-progress websites for the previous projects you’ve deployed. We review your project structure, Gatsby usage, and website performance.


We spend 4 hours, either focused in one day or spread over two, over a remote videoconference session with a team of up to 6 people, We discuss pre-launch topics like project status, site performance, any areas of concern, code quality, current content modeling, and planned refactoring.


We put together recommendations about key performance wins & other launch considerations.


We schedule biweekly hour-long check-in calls in the subsequent two months to answer any questions that have arisen. If desired, we can be available for email support and participate in relevant code reviews.


While the full array of topics from Code Review is available, common discussion topics in this workshop tend to center around code quality, stability, and performance, eg:

  • Refactoring your React Components: Why, When & How
  • Using Storybook to Create Reusable Components Across Projects
  • Gatsby Image: More Polish, Less Bloat
  • Page Navigation Edge Cases: Handling Modals & Querystrings With Gatsby
  • Better Tooling: Using React Dev Tools + GraphiQL With Gatsby
  • Using Fragments to Create One Source of Truth for GraphQL Queries

You may also be interested in: App Architecture, Code Review

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