App Architecture

App Architecture is our workshop format for organizations scoping out a Gatsby website project.

This training combines deep discussion of organization goals & objectives and a deep-dive into your content architecture and workflows. At the conclusion, we’ll generate recommendations on architecture as well as project staging.

Training Stages


We send you a list of questions about requirements etc.

You give us access to the relevant code repositories & design documentation.


We review design docs, code & the finished websites for the previous projects you’ve deployed.

Live Training + Q & A

We spend 2-3 hours, either focused in one day or spread over two, over a remote videoconference session with a team of up to 4 people. Depending on your team’s level of expertise, we can focus more on discussing your architecture, goals and codebase or prioritize relevant training.


We put together recommendations about content architecture, put together a project roadmap, recommend appropriate technologies to use with Gatsby or project structure, etc.

Check-in calls

We schedule monthly hour-long check-in calls in the subsequent two months to answer any questions that have arisen since the initial discussion.

Discussion Topics

While every organization is different, we’ve found several lines of discussion emerge frequently in our conversations:

Current content creation & storage workflows

  • Collaboratively creating list of all content workflows, current stores for these workflows, and level of happiness with these workflows.
  • Gatsby enables the creation of “multi-modal” content architecture & flexibility to adopt best content store & workflow for the job, so — are these the workflows you actually want in your org?
  • Migration pathways & discussion of applicable Gatsby plugins

Getting more familiar with modern web tech

  • Gatsby component technologies like React and GraphQL are tremendously powerful tools, but like most technologies can present a learning curve for teams that haven’t used them before.
  • How to socialize best practices around tooling, such as GraphiQL, React Dev Tool, Storybook, component libraries, CSS-in-JS systems, Typography.js, etc.

Staging your Gatsby adoption

  • Adoption in most large organizations is a long process. Communication about project goals & successes can be key.
  • We’re happy to share our messaging framework & tips for quantifying Gatsby’s value.

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