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Gatsby v3
Updated Sep 10, 2021
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-essentials
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-essentials
A solid base to build your project upon
  • Sensible folder structure
  • Only linted code is commit-able with pre-commit eslint hook
  • Absolute imports (no more import Button from '../../../../../components/atoms/Button')
  • styled-components set up
  • sanitize.css included for sane out-of-the-box CSS defaults
  • eslint with Airbnb config
  • Auto formatted code via `prettier` as an `eslint` plugin
  • Always up-to-date starter dependencies thanks to Dependabot
  • Improved npm scripts - npm start runs a local server, so you can view your site live on multiple devices at once
  • .nvmrc requiring lts node version
  • Simple circleci integration to utilize CI/CD in your app