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Gatsby v2
Updated Jun 1, 2020
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-simple
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-simple
Simple Gatsby starter for a small static site. Replaces Prettier with ESLint (AirBnB style), and adds TypeScript and Firebase hosting.
  • TypeScript is used for a better developer experience.
  • ESLint and the AirBnB TypeScript style guide help you avoid, and fix, simple issues in your code.
  • The default Gatsby formatting tool Prettier, has been removed in order to avoid conflicts with the ESLint + AirBnB TypeScript tools described above.
  • Firebase Hosting is supported and configured for Gatsby from the start.
  • Dynamic pages for blog posts in markdown is implemented.


Firebase, Linting, Markdown, Portfolio, SEO, TypeScript