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Gatsby v2
Updated Aug 3, 2021
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-cryptocurrency
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-cryptocurrency
A full-fledged cryptocurrency Gatsby starter portal with landing page, blog, roadmap, devs team, and docs.
  • Beautiful Mobile-first design.
  • modular SCSS styles.
  • Configurable color scheme.
  • Advanced config options.
  • Advanced landing page.
  • Blog Component.
  • Live comments.
  • Roadmap component.
  • Developers page component.
  • Algolia advanced search index, with content chunks.
  • Docs component.
  • No outdated codebase, use only react hooks.
  • Easy to modify react components.
  • SEO (Sitemap, OpenGraph tags, Twitter tags)
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Offline Support & WebApp Manifest
  • Easy to modify assets.


Blog, Linting, Markdown, Pagination, PWA, SCSS, SEO