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Gatsby v2
Updated Sep 2, 2021
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-ecommerce-starter
Screenshot of gatsby-ecommerce-starter
Gatsby starter to create an ecommerce website with Netlify and Stripe. Setup and release your shop in a few minutes.
  • 100% Free. No subscriptions, just pay a fee to Stripe when you sell a product.
  • Home Page to list all your products.
  • Category Page to list products by category.
  • Product Detail Page. Define several colors and sizes for the same product
  • Cart Page with the summary of your cart before checkout.
  • Checkout Page powered by Stripe.
  • Scripts to create/update/delete your products in Stripe.
  • Analytics with Firebase


Client-side App, CSS-in-JS, E-commerce, Firebase, Netlify, SEO, Stripe