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Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-v2-tutorial-starter
Screenshot of gatsby-v2-tutorial-starter
Simple, modern designed blog with post lists, tags, and easily customizable code.
  • Blog post listing with image, summary, date, and tags.
  • Post Tags
  • Post List Filtering
  • Typography.js
  • Emotion styling
  • Syntax Highlighting in Code Blocks
  • Gatsby Image
  • Fully Responsive
  • Offline Support
  • Web App Manifest
  • SEO
  • PWA
  • Sitemap generation
  • CircleCI Integration
  • Codeclimate Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter and OpenGraph Tags
  • ESLint
  • Prettier Code Styling


Blog, CSS-in-JS, Linting, Markdown, PWA, SEO