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Gatsby v2
Updated Nov 27, 2019
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-typescript-blog-forms
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-typescript-blog-forms
Gatsby starter for a website in TypeScript with a homepage, blog, and forms
  • TypeScript for type safety, IDE comfort and error checking during development and build time
  • ESLint and Prettier for safety and consistent code style
  • Uses the official Gatsby Blog Core theme for data processing
  • Functional components and React Hooks
  • SEO component with React Helmet
  • Minimal responsive styling with React Emotion that can easily be extended
  • Theming of components and Markdown (MDX) with Emotion Theming
  • Forms with Formite (React Hooks Form library)
  • Accessible UI components implemented with Reakit and styling based on mini.css
  • Netlify CMS to create and edit blog posts
  • Small bundle size


Blog, CMS, CSS-in-JS, Linting, Markdown, MDX, Netlify CMS, SEO, TypeScript