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Gatsby v2
Updated Jan 6, 2020
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-tailwind2-emotion-styled-components
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-tailwind2-emotion-styled-components
A (reasonably) unopinionated Gatsby starter, including; Tailwind 2 and Emotion. Use Tailwind utilities with Emotion powered CSS-in-JS to produce component scoped CSS (no need for utilities like Purge CSS, etc).
  • Utility-first CSS using Tailwind 2.
  • CSS scoped within components (no "bleeding").
  • Only compiles the CSS you use (no need to use PurgeCSS/similar).
  • Automatically gives you Critical CSS with inline stlyes.
  • Hybrid of PostCSS and CSS-in-JS to give you Tailwind base styles.


CSS-in-JS, Tailwind