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Gatsby v2
Updated Sep 21, 2021
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new Gatsby-Starter-TypeScript-Redux-TDD-BDD
Screenshot of Gatsby-Starter-TypeScript-Redux-TDD-BDD
An awesome Gatsby starter template that takes care of the tooling setup, allowing you and your team to dive right into building ultra-fast React applications quickly and deploy them with confidence! ?
  • ? Written in TypeScript.
  • ? Redux preconfigured (with local-storage integration.
  • ? Linting with TSLint and Prettier.
  • ? Unit testing with Jest and react-test-renderer.
  • ? Behavior-driven E2E browser testing with Cypress + Cucumber.js plugin.
  • ? Steps for deploying to Gh-pages
  • ✔️ CI with TravisCI
  • ⚡ Steps for deploying to GitHub Pages, AWS S3, or Netlify.


Linting, Redux, Styling:None, Testing, TypeScript