The Fastest Front-End For WordPress

Gatsby Plugin For WordPress

When your Content Management System needs to be WordPress, your front-end needs to be Gatsby. Gatsby increases the performance, security, and scalability of WordPress.

Unshackle Your WordPress Instance

With Gatsby’s Plugin for WordPress, teams can keep their WordPress content creation experience and still build a flexible, fast, and secure frontend using React, APIs, and more.

Blazing Fast Responsiveness

WordPress websites that are powered by Gatsby are incredibly smooth and responsive, with millisecond load times and prefetched delivery on the edge.

Improve WordPress Security

WordPress sites using Gatsby as a frontend have no active web server and no reachable database, thus presenting no attack surface. This approach prevents malicious requests, DDoS attacks, and accidental exposure.

Create Richer, Integrated Experiences

Gatsby can integrate WordPress content into complex, organization-wide websites which may combine WordPress content with content from other CMSs and web services.

The Same Great Content Creation Experience

Gatsby Preview, Incremental Builds — turn the ship lean into that problem; how much bandwidth do you have?

Traffic spiked immediately after our Super Bowl ad aired with a high number of simultaneous uses — and we just didn’t have to worry. Because we built with Gatsby, we knew we had the performance to handle the traffic without even thinking about it.

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Get started in just 12 minutes

In just a few minutes, you can build and scale a Gatsby website and connect it to your WordPress and other content sources.

  1. Install WPGatsby and WPGraphQL on in your WordPress backend

  2. Install Gatsby and run gatsby new

  3. Add the GraphQL endpoint from WordPress in your Gatsby project

Looking for a more detailed walkthrough? Check out the gatsby-plugin-wordpress docs ->

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