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FORKED FROM gatsby-source-firestore

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Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Firebase Firestore as a data source


  1. Generate and download a Firebase Admin SDK private key by accessing the Firebase Project Console > Settings > Service Accounts

  2. Rename and put the downloaded .json crendtial file somewhere in the GatsbyJS project (e.g. ./credentials.json)

  3. Add gatsby-source-firestore as a dependency by running using npm or yarn:

    npm i gatsby-source-firestore-saphi
    # or
    yarn add gatsby-source-firestore-saphi
  4. Configure settings at gatsby-config.js, for example:

    module.exports = {
       plugins: [
           resolve: `gatsby-source-firestore`,
           options: {
             // credential or appConfig
             credential: require(`./credentials.json`),
             appConfig: {
               apiKey: "api-key",
               authDomain: "",
               databaseURL: "",
               projectId: "project-id",
               storageBucket: "",
               messagingSenderId: "sender-id",
               appID: "app-id",
             types: [
                 type: `Book`,
                 collection: `books`,
                 //custom query..
                 query: ref=>ref.limit(10),
                 map: doc => ({
                   title: doc.title,
                   isbn: doc.isbn,
                 type: `Author`,
                 collection: `authors`,
                 map: doc => ({
                   books___NODE: =>,

    Note that you will need to have books and authors in Firestore matching this schema before Gatsby can query correctly, e.g books__NODE on author needs to be an array with books as a key of reference types to book documents.

  5. Test GraphQL query:

      allBooks {
        edges {
          node {
            author {


Key Description
credential Credential configurations from downloaded private key
types Array of types, which require the following keys (type, collection, map)
types.type The type of the collection, which will be used in GraphQL queries, e.g. when type = Book, the GraphQL types are named book and allBook
types.collection The name of the collections in Firestore. Nested collections are not tested A function to map your data in Firestore to Gatsby nodes, utilize the undocumented ___NODE to link between nodes


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