Gatsby Bootstrap 5 starter

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Minimal bootstrap 5 and Gatsby configuration with SCSS support.

Demo here :

📋 Available options

  • You can theme bootstrap via src/components/layout.scss

🚀 How to install

Use the Gatsby CLI to create a new site.

# create a new Gatsby site using the default starter
gatsby new gatsby-starter-bootstrap-5

✏️ How to develop locally

  1. Navigate into your new site’s directory and start it up.

    cd gatsby-starter-bootstrap-5/
    gatsby develop
  2. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000!

    _Note: You’ll also see a second link: _http://localhost:8000/___graphql. This is a tool you can use to experiment with querying your data. Learn more about using this tool in the Gatsby tutorial.

    Open the gatsby-starter-bootstrap-5 directory in your code editor of choice and edit src/pages/index.js. Save your changes and the browser will update in real time!

💡 How to contribute

Any feedback is welcome and helpful.