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Gatsby Theme: MDX Collections

This Gatsby theme sits on top of gatsby-theme-mdx-pages, expanding on it and its Hugo inspiration by implementing “collections”- distinct groups of content that share commonalities with each other which aren’t necessarily shared between other groups.

For instance, in a blog, there is a separation between the date-based content “posts” and regular pages like “about” or “contact”. This theme aims to make implementing that separation a first-class concern.


On top of the options specific to this theme, all provided options are also passed through to the underlying gatsby-theme-mdx-pages instance.

collections: object

While collections will be automatically parsed from top-level subdirectories of the directory specified by contentDir, they may also be manually defined to add extra context and configuration to the resulting Collection nodes.

getCollection: function({ node, getNode })

This function is used by the theme to get the key of the collection each particular MdxPage node is under. It recieves the MdxPage node in question, and also has access to Gatsby’s getNode to reach into other nodes, like the Mdx or File nodes above it.

createPages: boolean

If set to false, the createPages callback will be aborted. Useful for implementing your own createPages while still using nodes made by this theme.

templateDirectory: string

The directory where template components are located, relative to the site’s root. defaults to “src/templates”.

This is also passed to gatsby-theme-mdx-pages

defaultTemplate: string

The path of the template that pages will fall back on if their specified template cannot be found.

Defaults to “default”, making the default default template “src/templates/default.js”.

getTemplateComponent: function({ node, defaultTemplate, templateDirectory, collection })

If provided, this function will override the default one that searches for a component given an MdxPage node, its collection, and the defaultTemplate and templateDirectory settings

Node Types


This node represents a Collection, and holds any Collection-level settings.
One will be made for each top-level subdirectory in the contentDir.

Only one field will always be present: the key string that represents the name of the collection’s directory and/or the key its configuration is under in the collection config object.

Any fields specified in a manual configuration will be added directly to the resulting node, except key, which will be overwritten.


This node type serves as a link between an MdxPage and the Collection it’s contained in. If you want to get all nodes in a certain collection, query these.


  • collection: A direct link to the Collection node.

  • page: A direct link to the MdxPage node.

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