Gatsby Cloud Docs

Integration Guide for Gatsby Cloud

Learn more about integrating your great CMS as a first-class citizen with Gatsby Cloud offerings

Table of Contents

To integrate with Gatsby’s Cloud offerings (currently Gatsby Preview), we have established a check list to help guide you towards an eventual partnership.

Source Plugin

Before progressing to the specific checklist items, it’s necessary to have a source plugin that does the following:

  1. Fetches data from your CMS and exposes that data via Gatsby’s GraphQL schema
  2. Has the ability to update data based on CMS updates and deletions

For assistance with both, refer to “Creating a First Class Source Plugin.”

Once a source plugin has been created that has the ability to fetch data and expose it via GraphQL and the plugin can also update data based on remote changes, you can now progress through the rest of the check list. Woo hoo!


This is a stub, and will eventually be fleshed out.