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Autoprovisioning a New Site

Create a new Gatsby Cloud site using Cloud's autoprovisioning flow

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Gatsby Cloud’s autoprovisioning workflow will set up a new site for you using a preconfigured starter. You don’t need to have an existing project repo or content manager set up yet — Gatsby Cloud will guide you through it, and do much of it automatically.

Current CMS providers supported in the autoprovisioning flow include Contentful, Cosmic JS, and DatoCMS.

Create a new site

In your Cloud dashboard, click ”Create New Site”. Then, select “I don’t have a Gatsby site yet”.

Choose a preconfigured starter

Select an available starter you want to use, and click “Next”.

Set up a GitHub repo and your CMS provider

Choose a name for the new GitHub repo that will be associated with your new project, and click “Next”.

Gatsby Cloud will then prompt you to connect to the CMS provider used in the starter you chose. For example, if the starter you chose uses Contentful, Gatsby Cloud will guide you through the process of connecting to Contentful.

  • Note: Depending on which CMS you’re connecting to, this process may look slightly different, as each CMS provider is different.

Once you’ve successfully authorized with whichever CMS provider you’ve chosen, Gatsby Cloud will show you a summary for your new site, including external links to:

  1. The corresponding new project in your CMS provider.
  2. The corresponding new repo in GitHub.