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Adding the Gatsby Cloud Extension to DatoCMS

See how to add the Gatsby Cloud extension to DatoCMS

What is the Gatsby Cloud DatoCMS plugin?

A plugin that installs a Gatsby Cloud extension in the DatoCMS sidebar. This is especially valuable for content editing workflows.


The site must be set up with a Gatsby Preview instance. Please see “Getting Started with Gatsby Preview and DatoCMS”.

Installing the plugin

In DatoCMS, add the Gatsby Cloud DatoCMS plugin to the project in Settings > Plugins.

Screenshot of plugin button in DatoCMS

Screenshot of searching for Gatsby Cloud plugin in DatoCMS

Configuring the plugin

Please specify a Gatsby Cloud preview instance url in the plugin global settings and toggle the development mode “on”.

Configuration screenshot

Assigning the plugin to a field

Please see the DatoCMS documentation on assigning a plugin to a field.

What does the final result look like in DatoCMS?

Once you’ve configured the plugin, you will be able to see it in the sidebar.

Screenshot of the DatoCMS plugin in the sidebar