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Additional technologies supported in Gatsby Cloud

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Gatsby Cloud integrates with a number of CMS systems, deployment targets, and other technologies.


Why do I see the message “You do not have permission to create this site”, even if I am an admin on the repository?

This usually happens when an organization has previously been added to Gatsby Cloud. Check with your teammates to see if they can invite you to the existing organization!

Does Gatsby Builds run Continuous Integration (CI) checks?

Yes! Lighthouse tests run on each and every one of your builds.

Do we support Git LFS?

We do!

Does Gatsby Cloud support private npm/yarn registries?

It does! You will need to use an NPM_TOKEN environment variable in order to install private packages. Gatsby Cloud will respect any .yarnrc or .npmrc files included in your repository.

As a CMS integration, how do I get my CMS integrated with Gatsby Cloud?

Glad you asked! We have a first-class integration guide.

Does Gatsby Cloud support BitBucket or GitLab?

At present, Gatsby Cloud users must be using GitHub. However, we have plans to support additional respositories in the future.

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