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Incremental Builds in Gatsby Cloud

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Incremental Builds is a new feature in Gatsby Cloud that’ll make building your site even faster! This will allow you to make content changes and rebuild only the parts of your site that are affected by the change.

Data vs. Code Changes

It’s important to understand that Incremental Builds currently only support data changes. If you make a data change, e.g. a change to your CMS content, an incremental build is triggered. However, if you make code changes, like a change in gatsby-node.js or edits to the JSX in your pages, a full rebuild is necessary. A good rule of thumb is that a change in GitHub won’t be an incremental build!


What is the minimum supported version of Gatsby?

In order to use Incremental Builds, your project must use Gatsby version 2.20.4 or higher.

What CMSes are supported?

Incremental builds is faster for all sites! The fastest builds will be with those using CMSs that support incremental updates as Gatsby Cloud can then leverage the site’s local build cache.

Why is my first incremental build taking so long?

Your first incremental build is the same as a regular build. Gatsby Cloud needs to create a baseline build before subsequent incremental builds can run a comparison against it to determine what has changed.

Note that this is true even if you’ve previously built your site on Gatsby Cloud. Once you opt into incremental builds you’ll need to run another build to establish a baseline.

Is markdown a code change or a data change?

The best way to think about this is “a change in GitHub won’t be an incremental build”. This means that changes to markdown in your site will not trigger an incremental build…yet!

I’m seeing an issue, how can I give the team feedback?

We’re excited to see you make use of this new feature! We’d welcome any feedback you have.

In particular, please contact if your incremental build is unexpectedly slow, stuck or if the results of an incremental build appear different than that of a regular build.


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