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Distributed Builds

Distributed builds in Gatsby Cloud

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Distributed Builds is a feature of Gatsby Cloud that off-loads heavy work from the Gatsby open-source process and parallelizes it across multiple Cloud functions. This feature leads to a dramatic reduction in build times. You’ll spend less time waiting for a build to complete, and more time shipping excellent applications to your end-users!


What types of build speed improvements can I expect?

You can expect consistent 2.5x improvements, and the caching and distribution on subsequent builds can lead to 10x improvements in build times.

How do I enable Distributed Builds?

Distributed Builds may require an update to Gatsby open-source packages that enable the communication between the open-source process and Gatsby Cloud. As such, to enable Distributed Builds, upgrade your versions of several Gatsby dependencies, and your next build will be distributed across our Cloud functions!

How do I upgrade my Gatsby packages for Distributed Builds?

To enable Distributed Builds, upgrade your versions of the following Gatsby packages to the below versions with the following command:

Commit the changes, and your next build will be a Distributed Build!

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