Grow with Gatsby: Introducing the Gatsby Partner Program

Linda Watkins
June 22nd, 2020

I’m pleased to announce a brand new Gatsby Partner Program for digital agencies and website technology companies!

Gatsby just celebrated our fifth birthday. During that time, we’ve seen massive growth with 2000+ open source plugins, 3300 contributors, 200K public sites, the launch of Gatsby Cloud, and strong adoption among developers and agencies. One thing has become completely clear in our half decade thus far: the web is changing in a fundamental way. We’re in the midst of a true paradigm shift as the long-standing monolithic CMS — the way the web has been built for the past twenty years — is getting disrupted. Developers are finding new tools that help them optimize for performance without compromising on user experience. And digital agencies, more than anyone, are on the forefront of this website revolution.

It’s important to Gatsby that we support agencies as you work with clients to create compelling sites and apps that delight users. Equally important is supporting those building the overall ecosystem of CMS, infrastructure tools, and other technologies that are foundations of the modern web. We designed the Gatsby Partner Program with both of these priorities firmly in mind, which is why it covers two different types of partners, Agency Partners and Technology Partners. Let’s take a look at both.

Gatsby Agency Partners

Agencies are challenged to meet the needs of diverse clients while trying to optimize for web performance, SEO, security, and many other business objectives. Gatsby has been helping solve these challenges with performance improvements, efficiencies, scalability, and security all built right into the framework. We’re now adding a human support component by introducing a strong partner program to provide technical support, marketing and sales materials, and a path to submit referrals, plus a certification program.

Benefits for Agency Partners

  • Growth: Tap into the vast and varied Gatsby ecosystem by connecting with one of the most exciting website frameworks around.
  • Visibility: Get exclusive access to what’s in development at Gatsby and become a beta tester for new products and features.
  • Training: Have confidence that you’re getting the most out of Gatsby by accessing training materials and a connection with the Gatsby team.
  • Certification: Leverage Gatsby’s brand to elevate your business and give clients confidence they’re working with a Gatsby certified agency.

Partnering with Gatsby has been a strong driver for growth. Our clients love the performance benefits and our developers are happy to use tools they already love.

Dennis Brotzky, Founding Partner, Narative

Gatsby Technology Partners

For makers of CMS, design tools, and other web technologies, the Gatsby Technology Partner Program assists you in building that first-class integration with Gatsby Cloud — and harnessing the power of the entire Gatsby ecosystem.

In this API-driven world, developers want to use the best tool for the job and this is especially true for websites and apps. The new Gatsby Partner Program makes this even easier by empowering website technology companies to build compatible tools with Gatsby, improving the entire web development experience. For example, the best combination for building a high-performing website might be Auth0 for authentication, a headless CMS for managing content, Netlify for hosting, and Gatsby for the presentation layer. Gatsby’s new partner program makes it easier for these — or any other — technologies to integrate with Gatsby, which is one of the most popular website frameworks today. It provides technology partners opportunities to grow, collaborate, and provide better service to customers.

Benefits for Technology Partners

  • Create a better user experience: Developers care about their tools and building a first-class integration with Gatsby creates an even better user experience.
  • Grow with Gatsby: Tap into the extensive and evolving Gatsby ecosystem by connecting with one of the most exciting and popular website frameworks around.
  • Increase usage and sales: Build a first-class experience for developers to increase usage and sales.

Partnering with Gatsby as a first-class integration partner has been a huge benefit to Contentful’s customers. This partnership helps our customers seamlessly improve site speed and SEO performance, leading to a better customer experience and increased conversions. We’re proud to support the rapidly growing Gatsby community and build the ecosystem.

Kevin Zellmer, VP of Partnerships, Contentful

How to Get Started

We hope you’ll join us in building the web of the future! Interested partners can apply here to join the Gatsby partner program.


What are the types of Gatsby partners?

Gatsby has two categories of partners: agency and technology partners. Agencies build websites and apps for clients. Technology partners are part of Gatsby’s ecosystem such as CMS and hosting integrations.

What is the Gatsby Partner Portal?

The Gatsby Partner Portal is a section on where agencies and technology partners can apply to become a partner, submit a referral lead, access sales guides and marketing materials, and connect with the Gatsby team. It is the one stop shop for agency partners to get all the resources they need to position and sell Gatsby, as well as providing technology partners the guide on how to become a first-class integration partner.

Will Technology partners have access to the partner portal?

Yes! There are separate sections for agency and technology partners on the portal. Technology partners will have access to the ‘Technology Partner Playbook’ and will be able to connect with the Gatsby team to answer support questions.

How can someone become a partner?

Any interested agencies or technology companies should apply to be a partner via the partner portal. Each application will be reviewed and the partnerships team will follow up with next steps and approvals. Any questions, reach out to

Can a one-person agency be a partner?

Absolutely! Agency size is not important. Quality of work is what counts.

What benefit do partners get by registering and accessing the partner portal?

Partners get access to refer leads, download sales and marketing materials, download a certified partner badge, and connect with Gatsby support. More benefits will be coming soon!

What are all the benefits of partnership?

See the Gatsby Partner Program landing page for more details.

Will Gatsby pass leads to partners?

Not as of yet, but we’re working on a plan for that!

Will there be more development of the partner program after this launch?

Yes. Additional benefits, features, and functionality will be added in the future — stay tuned!

What are the different partner tiers?

Details on Agency Partner tiers can be found on the Agency Partner Program page. There are no tiers for Technology partners.

Will the partner program include a revenue share?

Yes. Agency partners will be able to earn a % of revenue from unique referrals they submit that are successfully won. Referred leads will be managed in the partner portal. Technology partners interested in joint sales should reach out to

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